One key to a successful coaching experience is to find a coach that you trust, whose work resonates with your life circumstances.


Typical clients:

I typically work with people who are driven to make a difference. People who desire to learn, connect, engage, and build a life that reflects their values. They want to thoughtfully invest in certain domains of their lives to achieve awareness, authenticity, and/or excellence


Why my clients come to coaching:

  • “I’d like to incorporate more of what truly makes me happy into my life.”
  • “I want more for my work or life.” or “I have more to give the world.”
  • “I want to better understand myself.” or “…my relationship with ______.”
  • “I care deeply about my professional and personal development.”
  • “I sometimes feel like a fraud.” or “I’ve been through a rough patch and lost some confidence.”
  • “I thought by this point I would be promoted”, “…have higher quality relationships”, or other milestones.
  • “I’m not sure where I’m headed” or “I know where I’m headed, but I’m not sure how to get there.”
  • “I’m not sure how to advance or share my goals with leaders at my organization.” 

Are you looking for:

  • More tools in your toolkit for making work or life meaningful?
  • Direction as you navigate this complicated web of career, leadership, and personal life?
  • Clarity of self – who you really are, what you desire, and where your potential lies?
  • Tangible next steps – what to read, consider, switch up, or pursue?
  • A partner to help you strategize, motivate, and ground your transition process and keep you honest and accountable to your goals?

If so, let’s set up a free introductory call.



Groups & Organizations


I work with organizations to develop employees and leaders through individual coaching, stakeholder feedback (360) interviews and individualized feedback reports.  I also create customized group educational programs that bolster individual and team effectiveness.


Group Learning Examples:

  • Strengths-Based Leadership workshops for teams, working professionals, community-based women’s groups, faith-based organizations, and PhD students
  • Possibility Lab for working professionals involving values clarification and personal/professional visioning
  • Team MBTI or Enneagram assessment, interpretation, and facilitation of immersion activities
  • Other workshop design and facilitation: interest/value/strengths assessment, personal branding, building mentors and networks, career management, team building, and group reflection

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