Within each of us lies a reservoir of potential that is unique to our interests, values, and life circumstances. Blinded by our own perspectives, we occasionally lose sight of what is possible or overlook opportunities that would enhance our contribution, fulfillment, and happiness. From time to time, it’s helpful to work with a professional who is focused on our long-term best interests.  It helps us discover these blind spots, gain new skills, and rediscover what we want or what we forgot was possible. I am drawn to help people recognize areas of opportunity in their lives and to develop both the steps and the courage to pursue their best lives.


live your career potential

Shape Your Career

Making decisions about work+life is more empowering when you can see where your career is headed. I can help you self-assess and see the bigger picture of the work you do and where your strengths lie, visualize future career directions, and then set a strategy to move forward.


live your leadership potential

Examine Your Impact at Work

At work, your ability to think strategically, build relationships, exert influence, and execute is fundamental.  We all approach these leadership qualities with unique talents and perspectives.  I can help you authentically own your role, cultivate mentors, and excel in your current context so you can be a more effective contributor and better positioned for your future endeavors.


live your work+life potential

Reconcile Your Life

Burying your head in the sand doesn’t protect you from the trade-offs you’re making in various parts of your life.  Work+life integration empowers you to bring these conflicts into the light, actively reconcile your choices, and recognize that these decisions aren’t final. Through knowing your values and having clearer expectations, I can help you find joy or contentment in your current or next chapter.